RETHINK YOUR CLOTHES – Klimaexpo exhibitor

Your wardrobe is bursting but you can’t find anything to wear in the morning? Have you ever wondered where your clothes came from and by whom and how they were made? Rethink your Clothes is an awareness campaign that deals with the environmental and social issues of the textile and clothing industry, led by the NGO Fairtrade Lëtzebuerg and Caritas Luxembourg. Our goal is to inspire people to consume less and better, in particular by favoring second-hand, Fairtrade textiles, upcycling and the exchange of clothes, in order to counter the trend towards Fast Fashion, this fashion so harmful to our planet and for the people who often produce it in unworthy working conditions. If you want to learn more about more responsible and sustainable consumption habits and convey our message to your loved ones, your students, your employees and your customers, come and discuss with us at our stand. In addition to inspiration, you will also find a fun contest here.

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