BENU VILLAGE – Klimaexpo exhibitor

BENU is currently developing the first eco-village in the Greater Region in Esch/Azette. It is a socio-ecological project founded in 2017 which focusses on zero waste movement and is based on the principles of the circular economy.

BENU VILLAGE is a place that is constantly looking for new ways to use fewer and fewer new resources while reducing waste. The main idea and the primary objective behind the project is to limit the waste of resources and to permanently improve the ecological and social footprint, while ensuring sustainable and local production. BENU VILLAGE thus stands for high-quality creative products and services, such as participation, integration and collaboration.

Eco-friendly, but also socio-responsible…

Social responsibility is made possible through local partnerships, cohesion, integration, inclusion, equality and participation. BENU VILLAGE thus works with various local structures. Among others with the association Interactions in the districts of Esch. Inclusion in all BENU activities is a matter of course for us. In addition, the eco-village integrates unemployed people as well as qualified migrants. Young people are trained, for example, in carpentry, sewing and soon also in cooking.

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